The Elite MTT HUD design incorporates fundamental MTT stats in the most efficient way to maximize effective decision making while multitabling.

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Elite MTT HUD is designed exclusively for PokerTracker 4

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The Elite MTT HUD is allowed for use on PokerStars and Full Tilt under their Third Party Tools and Services Policy.
All Premium MTT HUD customers are eligible for a free 3-month license of the Elite MTT HUD. Contact support for your free HUD.

The ProPokerHUDs Elite MTT HUD is the best MTT HUD in the world

  • Do you play the best games vs the toughest opponents?
  • Are your games filled with regs?

Then every possible edge you can find will make the difference. Use the Elite HUD to break down your opponent’s game, find leaks and unbalance in their strategy and exploit them.

Compact and flexible layout

With the use of innovative features the table HUD can accommodate far more information than traditional HUDs, without obscuring the action. All the elements on the HUD have a logical position in relationship elements around it. Table groups, popups and tooltips are all part of one continuous flow.

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Optimized design

Maximum amount of information displayed in the minimum space possible, custom MTT-specific stats filtered by stack depth, position and more. All the relevant MTT scenarios broken apart on the table HUD and 20+ special Popups.

Elite MTT HUD - Table HUD

New intuitive color coding

The custom color coding help identify players by quickly analyzing their statistics. Based on villains tendencies the stats  color will automatically change.

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Table Vision Elements

TVEs are components of popups, which are designed to resemble the seating arrangements of online poker tables. They are used to present positional statistics in an easy to view format as a replacement for the large and unclear tables.

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About the designer

Michael Acevedo is a Professional online Tournament player and coach. He has consistently beaten the tougher online games at all levels, his work ethic and background as a mathematician have helped him master the theoretical aspects of the game and got him working with some of the brightest minds in poker. As an expert in process improvement he started studying the way HUDs were designed by top players and the most popular commercial ones using his experience as poker coach with hundreds of students. Michael developed his HM2 Elite HUD and then taking the best features from PPH MTTs PT4 HUD and the HM2 Elite HUD he developed the PPH Elite HUD for PT4 which is the most advanced and powerful HUD in the market yet simple and intuitive to understand and use!