6-Max Cash Game Poker HUD
More stats. More info. Bigger edge.


6-Max Cash HUD
Example Popup:

Facing 3Bet


6-Max Cash HUD
Example Popup:

Out of Position
vs Preflop Aggressor
in 2Bet Pot


The ProPokerHUDs 6-Max Cash Game Poker HUD is designed exclusively for PokerTracker 4

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The 6-Max HUD is allowed for use on PokerStars and Full Tilt under their Third Party Tools and Services Policy.

6-Max HUD Review by KomodoDragonJesus

Darius ‘KomodoDragonJesus’ Wajda discusses what he likes about the ProPokerHUDs 6-Max Cash Game Poker HUD. He talks us through his favorite popups and gives a little peek at the level of detail this HUD offers.

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Made by Players, for Players

Our 6-Max Cash Game Poker HUD has been beta tested for almost a year. During this time, thousands of poker players have used it in their everyday grind, testing it under real life circumstances and provided feedback on every step of the way. Big thanks to all the beta testers!

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6-Max Cash Poker HUD

Comprehensive and Flexible On-Table HUD Panels

The HUD is designed specifically for 6-max cash games. A selection of the most valuable stats are always available directly on the poker table. The information is easily accessible as the HUD panels are clearly labelled and intuitive.

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TableVision Elements for All Preflop Stats

Improve your edge by analysing your opponent’s ranges by position and vs position. The statistics are arranged on familiar poker table layouts, making them easier to locate and giving you more time to analyse the situation.

Open Size & Reactions to Different Open Sizes

Our 6-Max Cash HUD comes with soul reading equipment. See your opponents’ bet sizing patterns at a glance and make optimal villain and situation dependent bet sizes.

Want to try the most advanced 6-Max Cash Game HUD in the world? Start My Free Trial

Position vs Position Dynamics

With the games getting tougher, poker players need better information. Taking a closer look at positional dynamics is a great way to increase your edge. Zoom in and see how your opponents play from a specific position and against a specific position.

Action Trees

In poker, finding the relevant stats in a timely manner can be the difference between a god and a bad decision. Especially when multi-tabling. Action Tree elements show statistics in an action sequence structure. This makes the stats easy to find. Furthermore, you can also instantly see related statistics from previous and coming streets.

Add-On Packs

Add-ons can be added to any PokerTracker HUD including built-in, custom & premium profiles.

Heat maps for 6-max and full ring cash games

Your opponents ranges visualized for frequent preflop actions – Raise First In, Steal,  Preflop 3Bet, 3Bet vs BTN Steal, 3Bet vs SB Steal, Call 3Bet After 2Bet.

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ProPokerHUDs - Stat Packs for Your Poker HUD

Flop Texture Stat Pack

Common flop statistics broken down on five different flop textures – Dry, Wet, Double Suited, Paired, Monotone

Get Flop Texture Pack

vs Hero & vs Villain Pack

Common preflop and postflop statistics broken down by hero vs villain dynamics – Villain vs Hero, Hero vs villain, Hero as Seen by Villain, as Hero vs Villain

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