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Welcome to ProPokerHUDs Blog

By July 9, 2015blog

This is a repost from December 4th, 2013 made by Grayson ‘spacegravy’ Physioc. We have decided to repost it to show why and how ProPokerHUDs was created and how it has developed over the years.

“Hey guys!

Welcome to our new website for ProPokerHUDs.

Throughout my poker career I have transitioned from several different formats of poker. From 6 max and 9 man SNGs, to MTTs, to 6 max cash, and finally to HU Hyper SNGs and HU cash. When I began playing HU games, I was very intrigued by how knowledgeable other regs were about HUDs. It seemed almost every solid player was using a professionally built HUD. With a HUD like the CoffeeHUD players were exploiting their opponents in ways I had never seen before.

As I started from a 9 man SNG and MTT background, I was pretty uninformed about HUDs. I decided to do everything I could to improve in this area. Once I became more comfortable with HUDs and realized exactly how beneficial a HUD could be to my game, I began having advanced HUDs designed and created for my personal use. While many players were seeing their income drop (sometimes significantly!) post Black-Friday, my win rate was increasing and I attribute a lot of that to my newfound knowledge from HUDs.

When used properly, a HUD can be a very powerful tool. It’s shocking how far behind SNG and MTT players are with using them. While some players are using poorly designed HUDs or one that is lacking vital information, many are not using them at all. It quickly became obvious I should put together a team of the top professional HUD builders and elite pro poker players to create amazing HUDs for each different poker format.

This is how ProPokerHUDs was born. Our HUDs are packed with features that aren’t available on conventional HUDs and are specifically designed to be very easy to use while grinding. Our first HUD was recently released and was an MTT HUD. Our second will be a 6 max Cash HUD and will be launched shortly.

Stay tuned for updates as HUDs for other formats will be available soon.


ProPokerHUDs has come a long way over the few years since its creation. Our PT4 MTT HUD has had a total makeover with the help of many talented players. The HUD has everything you might need to crush your competition in SNGs/MTTs, including late position steal stats, how villains react to steals, CBet and vs CBet stats, aggression frequencies and the much needed short stack stats.

ProPokerHUDs - Poker HUD for MTTs & SNGs

We have also completed our 6-Max Cash Game HUD,

6-Max Cash Poker HUD

which comes with and endless list of awesome features including the open sizing popup and reactions to open sizings,


action trees to show how villains play the following streets after taking a certain action,


and much much more.

We have also made a HU Cash Game HUD, custom stat packs (flop texture and vs hero/vs villain) that you can add to your HUDs, heat maps that give an overview of what villains are showing down in certain spots and how often and EasyStreet software for quick HUD switching.

We have even made an MTT HUD for HM2.


In this blog, we will be trying to help players use our HUDs to their fullest, showing the different stats and popups and how to use them.

Keep an eye out and good luck at the tables!


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