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Using the ProPokerHUDs HU Ultimate Cash Game HUD to Exploit Villains Tendencies

By September 24, 2015Uncategorized

Most of the money heads-up cash game regulars are nowadays making is by playing non-regular, recreational opponents and a lot of regulars are not even willing to play against other regulars to reduce their swings. With a HUD such as the PPH HU Ultimate Cash Game HUD you would be able to have a good edge against regulars who are willing to play and therefore you could increase your playing time at the tables, meaning more profits. There are a ton of useful statistics in the PPH Ultimate Cash Game HUD that will help you maximize your profits, whether you are playing a regular or a recreational player.

Lets take a look at a common HU situation, our opponent(winning HU regular) opens on the SB and we call. We now check on the flop and villain checks back. The first thing we should look at now is how often villain folds to our lead after checking back the flop. This stat is called a probe bet in the PPH HU HUD.


As we can see, this villain folds to probes on 60% of the turns after checking back flop as the preflop aggressor. This means we should be betting more often, after villain checks back the flop. If we click on Call (36%, underlined) a neat popup shows us how villain will continue to play after calling our probe bet on the turn.


If we did decide to bet the turn with a bluff, then helping us decide, if we should be the river or not, we can see from the action tree, that this villain will fold to 59% of river bets after calling a turn probe bet so most likely I would try to take it down and if we get caught, would tighten up a bit.

In the next example we are playing a huge losing player (-31bb/100 over 16k hands).

Usually huge losing players are rather passive, but this is not the case at the moment. Lets see how and if we could play in limped pots vs this villain. We can see from the HUD, how this villain reacts vhen we limp the BTN.


This villain checks after a limp 54% of the time and raises 46%. To see how villain plays after checking preflop after our limp we can click on Chk (54, underlined) and this is the info we would see.


We can see that in limped pots, villain only bets 12% on the flop which will most likely be stronger hands, and vs a bet in limped pots this villain will fold 56% on the flop. Against this particular villain we can bet quite often on the flop, but should be careful on turns because villain only folds 29% on the turn.

If we click on 2Bet (46, underlined next to Chk) then a neat popup will tell us how villain will play after raising our limp.


As we can see, after raising our limp, villain bets 56% on the flops and check-folds 44% of the time, so this villain is rather straightforward postflop in this situation, meaning he most likely is betting strong hands and draws and check calling with the medium part of his range, but this will not always be the case (after seeing a few showdowns, we can start to make some assessments).

These were just a few examples of the features that the PPH Ultimate HU Cash Game HUD provides you with, so if you haven´t tried it out yet, do so, and you won´t be disappointed.

You can use the trial for 30 days without it costing you a cent.

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