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Using the Premium MTT HUD vs Cbets And For Cbetting In Single Raised Pots

By August 6, 2015blog

When deciding how to play in single raised pots when we are the preflop caller or the aggressor, we need to look at villains postflop cbet/vs cbet statistics.

In a lot of MTT HUDs players are using overall cbetting stats, but that might give wrong information on a player. A lot of players strategies for betting/calling differ quite a bit whether they are in position or out of position. Luckily the PPH Premium MTT HUD has made it easier to understand how villains actually play.

To see how a villain plays in single raised pots as the preflop aggressor in position and out of position, we have a popup that shows exactly that.


From here we can see that villain bets flops a lot both in position and out of position (88-89%), but on the turn he is betting a lot less. Villain folds to flop float bets 52%, meaning we could bet any two cards for half pot and we would be instantly profiting, since our bet needs to work 33% of the time. We can also see that on the turn villain will fold to float bets 62% of the time, so calling flops and betting turns in position vs a check would be a good strategy vs this villain. Leading rivers vs missed turn Cbets is a good idea, because villain is folding 71%. We can also see that villain makes delayed Cbets on the turn 66% of the time, so it might be a good idea to checkraise vs him more often on the turn.

What should we do if villain bets on the river, how likely is he going to be strong? For that we should look at his postflop summary popup.


We can see that villain has bet the river as the aggressor 23% of the time, and has won 80% of pots, meaning if villain does bet the river, most likely his range is very strong so we should fold more often than not.

Now that we have looked at how villain plays single raised pots as the aggressor, we should take a look at how he plays them as the preflop caller.


This villain doesn´t fold a lot to cbets, but float bets 49% flops and 50% turns. If we do decide to Cbet the flop then we should definetly Cbet the turn, because villain is folding 51% on the turns, we can be fairly sure we can get him off pure floats. Villain also likes to probe 53% on the turn, so when we check back flop, he will lead the turn over half the time. Vs a villain like this we should be checking some of our value hands, so we could trap him (also checking some flops and turns with value hands when out of position, because villain likes to float bet quite often).

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