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Using The Premium MTT HUD To Play In 3Bet Pots

By July 7, 2015blog

A lot of players have leaks in their 3Bet game, so using the Premium MTT HUD to exploit them is a good way to increase your stack in MTTs/MTTSNGs.

First thing to look at when deciding, if you should 3Bet someone is to look at how they play vs 3Bets, for that you can use the vs 3Bet popup.


We can see that our villain folds to 3Bets overall 61% and most often from the SB (68%). 3Betting him wide when being on the BB after he steals from the SB would be very profitable. This villain 4Bets quite a bit. His overall range for 4Betting is 5.1% so that includes 88+, AJs+, KQs, Ako. We often cant 3Bet/5Bet shove with TT and JJ vs most players, but vs this villain it might be a good idea (need to consider stack depth, getting it in 100+bb deep with TT/JJ wouldn´t probably be that good).

The next thing to look at in 3Bet pots would be how often villain folds to Cbets in 3Bet pots.


From these numbers, we can see that villain doesn´t like to fold a lot on the flop, only 44%, but does fold over half the turns. Betting half pot on the turn is quite profitable, since we only need our bet to work 33%. After we Cbet the flop and check on the turn, we can see that our villain only float bets 35% on the turn, which means he most likely has a value hand, so we should proceed with caution with high card only hands.

We already looked at how villain plays vs the preflop aggressor. But how should we play if villain is the aggressor? The first thing we should look at is his 3Bet popup.


Villain 3Bets tight vs early and middle position raises, but vs late position raises his 3Bet goes drastically up. Villain 3bets 28.9% vs SB, so we should take that into consideration when going for a steal on the SB . Villain doesn´t squeeze too often, only 4.9% overall, so his range is most likely strong and won´t have too many bluffs (EP squeeze is high because of the lack of opportunities, meaning it is skewed, he has squeezed 3 out of 20 times from EP, all other positions have enough of a sample size, over 100+ opportunities).

Now that we know how often villain 3Bets from different positions, we would look at his postflop tendencies.


Villain Cbets 94% of flops on the flop and only 34% turns, he also folds 64% to turn floats, so taking these statistic into consideration, we can exploit villain a lot in position by calling on flops and then betting turns when he checks to us. When villain does call, we should most likely not bluff the river unless the river card is good for our range. Villain also folds his flop Cbets to raises quite a bit, so raising with low card draws might be a good option, because if we check down 78s if we miss our flushdraw we will almost never win, while with A highs we might.

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