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Using The PPH 6-Max Cash Game Hud To Boost Your Winrate

By July 23, 2015blog

Holdem is getting tougher by the year, so it is very important to look for every possible situation to boost your winrate. There are plenty of useful statistics in the PPH 6-Max Cash Game HUD that will help you do exactly that.

In micro and low stakes games a lot of players are not balanced at all, so using some of the PPH custom stats could help you win in spots where you otherwise might just give up on.

One of these statistics is called „Fold to F Float Bet in 2Bet Pot“ in the PPH 6-Max Cash Hud. It shows how often villain decides to check fold in a single raised pot, instead of cbetting out of position. This villan has decided to check 35 times on flops instead of cbetting and has folded 28 times to a bet, making his flop fold to float 80% which is incredibly high. When this villain does decide to check instead of cbetting, then we should be betting almost any two cards.



When we do bet and villain calls, then we have a cool popup that will help us decide on what to do on the next streets.


When this villan checks instead of cbetting then he folds to a bet 80%, only checkraises 3%(beware!) and calls 17% of the time. When he does call on the flop, he is only folding to 25% of turn bets, so we should be giving up with our bluffs, because villain most likely isn´t folding.

Another great stat in the PPH 6-Max Cash Hud is called „Fold to T Probe Bet in 2Bet Pot“ and it shows how often villain folds to a lead on the turn when he was the preflop aggressor and decided not to CBet the flop.



As we can see, villains fold to turn probe is also quite high – 66%, so it might be a good idea to bet the turn when villain decides to check back instead of cbetting in a heads-up pot.

What to do when villain doesn´t fold to our turn probe bet? For that we have another useful popup.

fold river after turn probe

We can see that villain calls 27% vs a turn probe and raises only 7%, so when he raises our probe bet we should be careful. When he calls, he only folds to 14% of rivers, so if we decided to bet the turn with a total bluff, it would not be a good idea to bet the river.

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