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The Value of Custom Stats in PPH HUDs – Examples With the 6-Max Cash Game HUD

By August 27, 2015blog

There are still players out there who think that just using regular built in PokerTracker stats without any modification for specific situations is enough to win in todays games. It might not make someone a losing player, but it definetly cuts winrates quite a bit. In this weeks blog post I will give examples where using custom made PokerTracker stats instead of standard built in stats can make a big difference.

Lets compare the PPH 6-Max Premium HUD 3Bet stat to the standard PokerTracker 3Bet stat in this example. For instance, using a regular 3Bet statistic in PokerTracker, it will tell us how much villain 3Bets in total and is a good indicator of a villains preflop aggressiveness.


In this example, villain is playing a 19VPIP/16PFR style with a 7% 3Bet. If we want to take a closer look at his 3Bet we can click on the stat and see how much villain 3Bets in specific positions.


We can see that villain 3Bets a bit more from late position and the blinds, but that is all that it tells us. It doesn´t really show us how much villain 3Bets against a specific position.

Now lets take a look at the custom made popup with custom stats in the PPH 6-Max Cash Game HUD.


Now this is where we can start to see some tendencies that we can use to our advantage. If we looked at the standard 3Bet popup we could see that villain 3Bets 9% on the BB, but we had no idea against which particular position the 3Bets were made against. By using the PPH 6-Max 3Bet popup we can now see that villain 3Bets 20.4% vs the SB open and 14.5% vs BTN and can now act accordingly. In this instance that would mean that we can 3Bet lighter for value and turn more of our hands into 4Bet bluffs, especially from the SB position. Villain is 3Betting tight vs other positions(EP, MP, CO), so we can also use this info to fold more of our hands that are dominated.

Another standard statistic that almost all HUDs include is the flop CBet stat. If using a regular PokerTracker flop Cbet stat, it will include all possible Cbets where the preflop aggressor had the chance to do so. This doesn´t take into account if the villain is in position, out of position, if it is a single raised pot or 3Bet pot, if it was multiway(MW) or heads-up(HU). Using the coupon code blog20 you can get 20% off on all PPH PT4 HUDs until the 3rd of September.

Coming back to the villain at hand, the Cbet flop stat for this villain is 73%, which is quite high, but this doesn´t really tell us much more than that villain likes Cbetting more often than not.



In the 6-Max PPH HUD the different Cbetting situations have been taken into consideration. For example, using the same villain, lets take a look at how his Cbets vary when villain is in position and out of position in HU and MW pots.


We can already see that there is a huge difference in villains Cbetting in position if it is a HU pot or a multiway pot. His Cbet goes from 84% in a HU pot to 56% in a MW pot and that tells us that when he is cbetting in MW pots he has a stronger range on average.

Now lets take a look at villains out of position cbetting.



Again, we can see a 20% difference in his cbetting frequencies between a HU and MW pot, but what is most interesting is that villain only continues betting on 17% of turns out of position in a MW pot when he was cbetting 40% turns in a MW pot in position. From this we can figure out that if villain does continue betting on the turn out of position in a multiway pot, we can be more than certain that villain has a strong hand. Regular PokerTracker stats won´t help us to get to this conclusion.

These were just a couple of examples where players could get a larger edge when using the PPH 6-Max HUD stats compared to the built in PokerTracker ones. Try it now and you won´t regret!

You can use the trial for 30 days without it costing you a cent.

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