EasyStreet Spin

EasyStreet Spin — Automatic HUD Switching for Spin & Go Poker

EasyStreet Spin switches your HUD automatically when the game transitions from 3-handed to heads-up – allowing you to turn your full attention to the game.

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SpinHUDX is a Spin and Go HUD like never seen before. Not only does the SpinHUDX have all the information needed to maximize your edge, it also presents the data more efficiently than conventional HUDs. SpinHUDX is the only Spin & Go HUD that shows situation-specific information, with the HUD panels changing in real time on each and every hand automatically.


Some of the features included:

  • Different set of statistics for each position – the HUD shows specific information for each position and automatically updates to your specific position at the table in real time.
  • Detailed postitional popups for both preflop and postflop – SpinHUDX is able to display even more detailed preflop and postflop panels at the click of a button.  These popups will contain only postion-specific stats.  No unnecessary information is shown.
  • Stack depth highlighting – the statistics for current effective stack depth are clearly indicated on the HUD to enable quick and efficient situation analysis.
  • 100% live big blind and stack depth – Say goodbye to the one hand delay at the start of each blind level. Unlike conventional PT HUDs, SpinHUDX knows the correct big blind value and stack depths at all times, no waiting required.

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SpinHUDX is a collaboration between ProPokerHUDs and SpinAndGoStrategy.com

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