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Some of The Features of The PPH HU Cash Game HUD

By August 13, 2015blog

The ProPokerHUDs HU Cash Game HUD comes with a wide variety of custom stats and popups that will give you all of the info you would need while battling someone heads-up. In this blog post we will be showing some of them.

For example you can see how your opponent reacts to different open sizes.


We can see that our villains fold vs the SB open goes from 36% to 48% if we change our sizing from minraise to 3x and 3Bet goes down from 21% to 15%.

Another useful popup in the HUD is the average Cbet size on different board types in both 2Bet and 3Bet pots.


This villain Cbets on average around 70% of the pot in single raised pots and around 60% in 3Bet pots, but a bit larger on rivers in 3Bet pots. We can also see that villain Cbets more often on dry boards than on wet ones.

We can also see how our villain reacts to different Cbet sizes and how often does he fold to Cbets on different board textures.


We can see that in single raised pots villain folds most often on paired(46%) and mono boards (49%). Like expected, the bigger we make our Cbet sizes, the more often villain will fold.

What makes ProPokerHUDs HUDs different from a lot of other custom HUDs is that PPH HUDs have action trees that show how villain reacts after a certain action is taken. For example lets see how this villain will play after we have checkraised on the flop.


We can see that villain has called 70% on the flop vs a checkraise, folded to only 34% of turns after a follow up bet, but folded on 60% of rivers.

These are just a few of the PPH HU HUD features, so get your free trial now and explore all of the awesome features this HUD has to offer and take your game to the next level.


You can use the trial for 30 days without it costing you a cent.

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