Rakeback Deals

ProPokerHUDs Rakeback Program is designed for our core customers – professional poker players. In addition to offering best cashback rates on the market we also give away free HUDs, statistics and EasyStreet licenses.

What is Rake?

Rake is a small commission that poker rooms take from every pot and tournament fee. It’s usually somewhere between 2.5-10%.

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is the portion of rake that poker rooms pay back to players via various promotions.

Elite Rakeback Program for Grinders

Do you rake more than $1,000.- per month? We have something special for you!

  • Free HUD of your choice or EasyStreet
  • 10% discount on custom HUDs and statistics
  • Current deal upgrade – re-tracking

Do you rake more than $2,500.- per month? We have something super special for you!

  • Everything above
  • Free HUDs, Stat Packs and EasyStreet
  • 20% discount on custom HUDs and statistics
  • Special bonuses
  • Personal suggestions for best games and deals in your format

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  • Best deal on iPoker network
  • 45-85% real cashback
  • $10k exclusive rake race & monthly promo code
Betfair Poker


  • Two skins to choose from
  • 66-78% real cashback
  • $40k + €20k in monthly private rake races


  • Free $20
  • 25-43% real cashback
  • $30k in monthly private rake races

More deals coming soon. For insider info – contact us.

* What is real cashback?

Real cashback is rakeback. Yes, it’s that simple. We are using real cashback instead of rakeback because there are a number of rakeback deals on the web where the percentages are manufactured. In these deals, rakeback is not calculated in a straightforward manner. Instead clever mathematics and insider lingo is used to make the deals look better. With a ProPokerHUDs rakeback deal you’ll get what you see.

Elite Rakeback Program FAQ

Can I get all ProPokerHUDs products for free?

You can choose free products from all ProPokerHUDs products for PokerTracker 4. This includes HUDs for most poker formats, stat packs, heat map packs and EasyStreet HUD switching software. We’ll consider adding HM products to the selection in the future – please let us know if that is be something you would be interested in.

When will you activate my free product licenses?

As soon as your first tracking request gets approved.

How long will my free licenses be valid for?

Your licenses will be active for as long as you keep raking enough to meet the monthly goal.

Can I reach my rakeback goal across multiple sites?

Yes. As long as all of the account are tracked by us.

Can I play less on some months and still keep my free licenses?

Yes. You can rake less in one month for each 5 months where you have achieved the goal. For example, if you have reached a goal of $2.5k for one year and suddenly stop playing then all of your HUDs and software will remain active for another two months.

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