Six-Max Cash HUD Free Trial

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Product Description

The 6-Max HUD is allowed for use on PokerStars and Full Tilt under their new (October 2015) Third Party Tools and Services Policy.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible HUD Layout

    A selection of the most valuable statistics directly on the poker table and detailed information in popups.

  • Open Sizing Graphs

    Make optimal villain and situation dependent bet sizes.

  • Position vs Position Dynamics

    Zoom in and see how your opponents play from a specific position against a specific position.

  • Action Trees

    Find the statistics that you need and find them fast. On Action Tree elements the statistics are organized in an action sequence structure.

  • TableVision Elements

    All the relevant preflop statistics broken down by position and organized on familiar poker table layouts.

This HUD is designed exclusively for


4 reviews for Six-Max Cash HUD Free Trial

  1. Patrick O. (verified owner)

    Hands down the work you guys have put into this thing is amazing. both the premium and the basic. look forward to the next release to see updates. This is positively the most powerful HUD that I’ve touched for cash games so amazing. I feel sorry for anyone who does not have this in there arsenal.

  2. Tomasz (verified owner)

    Amazing hud. Tried it for a couple of days and cant imagine to play without it now.

  3. Joseph Christopher George (verified owner)

    Information overload for a complete HUD newbie like me but I’ve searched around and I can positively say no HUD even comes close to the level of complexity and accuracy it attempts to portray intuitively. This is like a semi-automatic laser gun from the future compared to world war 1 rifles that are currently in the market. I wish this was only available to me LOL. Absolutely impressive!

  4. Robert Machaffie (verified owner)

    The best hud I have purchased to date. Simply outstanding guys.

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