PokerTracker 4 Cache FAQ

How do I rebuild the custom statistics cache?

  1. Start PokerTracker 4
  2. From the menu, Database > Database Management
  3. For each Database in the list, select it, then Rebuild Cache > Custom Cache Rebuild

It is crucially important that do this for all databases you use with your HUD at the table. If you attempt to use some that have a custom cache and some that don’t, you will find that performance is very bad.

What does this custom cache mean?

This means that custom statistics will be stored in the database in a more efficient manner.

Why does this matter?

It means statistics can be retrieved from the database far quicker and thus radically improve the performance of HUDs. You should see all stats loading nearly instantly, even if you have a very large sample size on a player.

Why is it important to rebuild the custom stat cache when I download a new HUD or an update is released?

In order for PokerTracker 4 to be able to store the statistics in this efficient manner, it must first be told about them and build a history based upon existing hands within your database. A failure to do this, will mean that PokerTracker 4 can’t use the cache and you won’t benefit from the performance boost.

When a new HUD is added, or an update is released, PokerTracker 4 needs to be told about any new custom statistics that might have been added. The only way to do that is via rebuilding the Custom Cache.

Some statistics on the HUD appear to be loading slower than others, do I need to rebuild custom cache?

If you ever see some statistics on a panel or popup taking a lot longer to load than others, this could be a good indication that some of those statistics aren’t using the Custom Cache.

However, some complex statistics on our HUDs use statistics which can’t be cached by PokerTracker 4. We will provide a list on our website, what (if any) statistics on a particular HUD can’t be cached.  If you see statistics behaving in this manner, that aren’t on the “Unable to be cached” list, it is suggested that you attempt to rebuild the Custom Stat Cache and see if this improves performance.

Starting with PT v4.11, PokerTracker have introduced a custom stat caching system.  For our HUDs to take advantage of this system, when a ProPokerHUD’s HUD has been first added to your system or an update has been released, you must rebuild the Custom Statistics Cache.