Getting Started With Professional HUDs for PokerTracker 4

Installing the Resource Pack

  1. Download and install the resources pack for your operating system:
  2. You will need to restart your computer after installing the new resources pack before it will take effect.
  3. N.B! If using a laptop with ProPokerHuds products, make sure that your laptops power plan is not set on power saver.

Rebuild Cache

It is crucially important that do this for all databases you use with your HUD at the table. If you attempt to use some that have a custom cache and some that don’t, you will find that performance is very bad.

  1. From the PokerTracker menu, Database > Database Management
    1. Select the database
    2. Click “Rebuild Cache
    3. Select “Custom Cache Rebuild
    4. Repeat steps 4.1 – 4.3 for each database

You can learn more in our PokerTracker 4 Cache FAQ.

Disabling Filtering

Filtering hands disables PokerTracker caching and caching is critical for speedy performance.

  1. From the PokerTracker menu, HUD > Edit HUD Options > General Settings > General, make sure:
    1. “Stats from the last x hands” is set to 0
    2. “Stats from the last x weeks” is set to 0
    3. For MTT HUD, all Tournament Stacks need to be set to “Don’t Filter”