EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.5 | 2015.03.08

  • Fixes an issue where the PokerStars replayer could incorrectly be seen as a higher stakes table than allowed by the stakes restriction
  • No longer unnecessarily activates inactive table windows when switching HUDs, which especially improves use with stacked table arrangements
  • General reliability improvements

EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.4 | 2014.11.10

  • Updated blind level timers to handle new 18-player SnG breaks (every other hour)
  • Added blind level timer support for PokerStars.FR site
  • Improved reliability of setting up tables for switching
  • Corrected an issue with using “Sequential” HUD hotkeys
  • Notifies user if an attempt was made to use a “Next” or “Previous” hotkey without having any “Sequential” HUDs and hotkeys set

EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.3 | 2014.10.22

  • Added blind level timer support for Spin & Go tournaments.
  • Updated Sit & Go support to include $0.50 9-player tournaments.
  • Added a reset of the timer HUD location to its default position.  Especially useful if HUD accidentally gets dragged off of the table window.

EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.2 | 2014.10.20

  • Added enable/disable selection for controller joysticks, which corrected an issue that arose with some users.  Disabling controller joysticks (default) may improve switching reliability for others as well.

EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.1 | 2014.09.15

  • Improved HUD switching reliability
  • Corrected rare issue that could occur in timer HUDs

EasyStreet for HM2 v1.0.1.0 | 2014.08.06

  • Corrects issue where some hotkey choices could potentially cause switching errors
  • Corrects issue where EasyStreet could be closed with its window minimized and not be visible when re-opened
  • Sit & Go timer HUD bug fixes
  • Checks Windows version and notifies user if incompatible XP version is used
  • Checks for incompatible Windows 7 themes (non-Aero) and notifies user
  • Notifies user if HUD layer window is actually active rather than table window when hotkey is pressed (reduces potential for “ignoring” HUD switch command without feedback)
  • Gives audio and visual feedback if Next or Previous hotkey advances to an empty HUD slot (previously was seen as a failed HUD switch request)
  • Allows user to manually identify location of PokerStars log file in cases where it is not automatically found due to non-standard installation location