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Using the ProPokerHUDs HU Ultimate Cash Game HUD to Exploit Villains Tendencies

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Most of the money heads-up cash game regulars are nowadays making is by playing non-regular, recreational opponents and a lot of regulars are not even willing to play against other regulars to reduce their swings. With a HUD such as the PPH HU Ultimate Cash Game HUD you would be able to have a good edge against regulars who are willing to play and therefore you could increase your playing time at the tables, meaning more profits. There are a ton of useful statistics in the PPH Ultimate Cash Game HUD that will help you maximize your profits, whether you are playing a regular or a recreational player.

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The Value of Custom Stats in PPH HUDs – Examples With the 6-Max Cash Game HUD

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There are still players out there who think that just using regular built in PokerTracker stats without any modification for specific situations is enough to win in todays games. It might not make someone a losing player, but it definetly cuts winrates quite a bit. In this weeks blog post I will give examples where using custom made PokerTracker stats instead of standard built in stats can make a big difference.

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Using the MTT HUD to Find Good Steal & Resteal Spots

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One of the best ways to steadily increase your stack in the later stages of a tournament is to punish villains who steal too much and steal from villains who fold to steals too much.

By using the ProPokerHUDs MTT HUD this will be easier than ever before. Our graphical popups will show you exactly who is opening too wide in later positions and will make it easier for you to decide who to steal and resteal from.
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Welcome to ProPokerHUDs Blog

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This is a repost from December 4th, 2013 made by Grayson ‘spacegravy’ Physioc. We have decided to repost it to show why and how ProPokerHUDs was created and how it has developed over the years.

“Hey guys!

Welcome to our new website for ProPokerHUDs.

Throughout my poker career I have transitioned from several different formats of poker. From 6 max and 9 man SNGs, to MTTs, to 6 max cash, and finally to HU Hyper SNGs and HU cash. When I began playing HU games, I was very intrigued by how knowledgeable other regs were about HUDs. It seemed almost every solid player was using a professionally built HUD. With a HUD like the CoffeeHUD players were exploiting their opponents in ways I had never seen before.
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