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State-of-the-art poker HUDs for cash games, SNGs and MTTs and for every table size from heads-up to 6-max and full ring. We are developing our HUDs in close collaboration with top professionals from every format. Each of our poker HUDs comes with several different versions to choose from. We have the most elaborate tools for professionals. But also, a selection of basic poker HUDs for beginner HUD users.

Poker Stat Packs

The average poker player is getting better by the day. Almost everyone is using a HUD these days. Under these circumstances it’s getting harder to find an edge. A fact is that everyone has leaks. The game of poker is far from being solved. You just need better tools to find those leaks. It’s becoming more important to analyse the fine detail in how your opponents play. Often general poker stats are just blind to these nuances. Our poker stat packs provide an unseen level of detail. They will also give you the ability to fully customize your poker HUD.

Poker Stats Pack
Poker Heat Maps

Poker Heat Maps

Know the ranges, don’t guess! While poker stats show frequencies, Heat Maps display ranges. Poker heat maps show a player’s preflop range in a specific situation. Color coding illustrates the frequency of specific hands in that range. Poker heat maps are popups. They can be attached to any PokerTracker HUD profile. Add them to built-in, custom and premium poker HUDs.

EasyStreet Poker Software

  • Free dynamic SNG poker HUD included.*
  • Automatic and hotkey poker HUD switching.
  • On-table SNG blind level countdown timer.
  • Hotkeys for tracker controls. Mark hand for review, show last hand etc.
  • Works with both PokerTracker and Holdem Manager.

*Free SNG HUD is included only with EasyStreet for PokerTracker.

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EasyStreet Poker Software

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